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Facts about capitalism (listed by country)

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We understand that a causal relationship exists when there is such great social and financial inequality. That causal relationship is exploitation. Exploitation is an inherent part of capitalism and imperialism. Although there is much inequality in the first world, most of the exploiting is done to the third world by the first world. That is called imperialism. It must be stopped.

The United States:
1) An unreported number of children in the Appalachian Mountains go hungry, even die of hunger-related causes, each year.
2) In many states, homosexuality is still considered a “crime against nature” and is illegal.
3) In some states, it is illegal to fly flags that are against the US or state government.
4) An estimated 3 million individuals in the USA have serious drug problems
5) A woman's right to an abortion is always at risk, and abortion is very expensive.
6) The USA has the highest imprisonment rate in the world.
7) Employed women make less than employed men.
8)  Here is a chart of income rates by gender in the US


9) Here is a link to a chart (PNG file) of income inequality by race in the US.

1) Article 14 of the Constitution of Japan states that all citizens are equal under the law, and they cannot be discriminated against politically, economically, or socially on the basis of race, belief, sex, social or other background. However, this clause does not apply to discrimination committed by private individuals or establishments.
2) Some apartments, motels, night clubs, and public baths in Japan have put up signs stating that foreigners are not allowed, or that they must be accompanied by a Japanese person to enter.
3)  Child poverty in Japan is above the OECD average.
Per cent in poverty before and after taxes and transfers:


United Kingdom:


2) The UK has the highest imprisonment rate in the EU.